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Originally Posted by JonnyH View Post
I think the issue with the DUB based aircraft has caused issues for the TUI ABZ flights as C-GNCH was due to go back to ABZ last night from PMI after operating NCL-PMI which was subsequently operated by an NCL based aircraft rather than Sunwing. It will be interesting to see how they will sort this over the coming days as the issue with the Max has caused them to have a serious shortage.
C-GNCH was taken from NCL to DUB (to cover C-GFEH which was stuck in PMI since yesterday morning and is now finally operating PMI-ABZ - not sure if this is a ferry or pax flight as the NCL-PMI last night went back to NCL rather than ABZ). This morning's ABZ-REU will now be delayed by 23 hours and go tomorrow morning instead with this afternoon's ABZ-TFS also significantly delayed.

Sunwing are off to a very poor start this summer and TOM are not in a position to cover it this year.
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