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Originally Posted by cavortingcheetah View Post
If you have a political party that is led by a Marxist, has a Marxist as its Secretary of the Treasury in waiting, has a Marxist as a Chief of Propaganda and has a defined and significant force of supporting riff raff, Communists, Marxists and other such things masquerading under the red label of Momentum, how can anyone who votes for them be described as anything other than a Marxist.
There is no more Labour Party and all those who profess to vote Labour in any future election are but dissembling and diverting from their real direction of voting which is, of course, as I hope has been made very clear, Marxist.
Next time you spot a Vote Labour sign outside some deranged mans house, allow your imagination to flash the word Marxist and you'll be spot on for the direction of dangerous delusional derangement of the dippy dweller.
We are repeatedly told by Brexitters that the message on the Big Red Bus wasn't what it implied, and if people were too stupid to understand that was just their fault.

Exactly the same applies to Vote Labour signs. People will vote without understanding the implications.

​Brexit will be followed by a Labour government. Get used to the idea.
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