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As we know, the UK's premier media source, like wot the Gruadian indisputably is, ( this view is not, sadly, entirely universal here on JB ) is often accused of being partisan.

Here's a couple of rags that can be defined as such.

Funny that Gove, presumably not having his sleep disturbed this time with his aspirations, should use the M.o.S for example...nowt to do with his wife and whom she's employed by of course.....

And the Excess.....who, strangely, have been supporting Nige for some considerable time now.....subject to weather warnings of death and destruction / statins, / miracle cures and other lurid headlines in lieu......

After a brief hiatus, we note the attempt to gain an entry into the Guiness Book of Records has resumed momentum with a post containing no less than six references to?......Marxists!........ . It's only a matter of time ,

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