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Originally Posted by CargoOne View Post

Excuse me but ETS is in place for a number of years for all European Union operators. How does it helps anyone including global climate change remains a mystery as effectively it is just yet another tax.

The ETS in operation in the EU is only applied for flights within the European union. International operators are exempt. The industry body ICAO,to which reference was directed in the original post has no blanket program. Its program commences in 2027, with a bunch of fanciful assumptions the basis for carbon neutral 'growth' until then. The ICAO ETS which commences operation in 2027 only covers international operation. Member states will be welcome to capture their own domestic emissions (around 40%) of all aviation emissions as the deem appropriate.

And still nobody is talking of shipping (marine)........
The International Maritime Organisation has been referenced in this discussion several times. Not only are the IMO actively curbing emissions they will have eliminated hydrocarbon fuel by 2075.

The aviation industry has no such intention, it appears that consumption of hydrocarbon based fuel is their intent.
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