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Originally Posted by RotorBabe View Post
Namaste Chuchu and Aji a update from Steve, he has sent a number of emails for approval by the management for posting to this thread, with no family, no food or doggy pictures as we can post these type photos, that is what he blocked for. There is not any reply for his emails and he is still blocked, all for having bought many millions of people to this site.

Hi bellringer, that is not the case, its all coming from the management here

Can we not just move on, forgive and forget and let Mr VF post. Everybody on here wants this same. So please let him post again. May the Buddha bless you all at PPRuNe.

Om mane padme hum
I have already replied to your previous post; nothing has changed. VF hasnít even logged on for two weeks let alone submitted a post to PPRuNe, so your assertions remain inaccurate at best. He is not banned and all but one post submitted by him this year have been approved by me; our records show this quite emphatically.

You are stretching my patience, and not helping those of us waiting for any posts from VF.
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