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Originally Posted by 73qanda View Post
Well , if those of us following and contributing to this thread refrain from using terms that invoke emotion ( tree huggers, deniers, zealots, you types etc etc) and explain to each other what they think has happened, will happen, and why they think that, we might get a bit closer to developing a realistic understanding.
We essentially have two teams, the ‘ All our grandchildren are going to die’ team and the ‘ this is all just hysteria’ team.
I’d be surprised if the actual reality wasn’t hidden somewhere in between.
Now......can anyone tell me why the graphic above with the thermometer reading depiction shouldn’t be used when assessing temperatures for that particular area and time span?
In general, people are less tolerant of views that disagree with their own nowadays (1). I suspect that the Internet plays a large part in that and it's easier to be rude in a forum than face to face (1). I would prefer it if we could be more courteous.

The problem with the graph you quoted is that, by choosing a fairly arbitrary large scale, it minimises changes in temperature. As someone noted earlier, why not choose a Kelvin scale? The temperatures that matter are the ones at which we can reasonably live, and -40 is certainly outside that range!

(1) Yes, these are just my opinions but I think they are true. No, I do not have any corroborating evidence.

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