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The oldest records are only in hundreds of years, the planet's age billions.
Therefore, change has likely been the constant.
However, changing weather patterns aside, other industries are actively transitioning away from hydrocarbon based fuel.

Perhaps, focusing on the declining availability of a non-renewable resource is the actual challenge.

To this point, the aviation industry has no ETS in place; it doesn't start for 8 more years.
Its strategy relies on assumptions of dubious robustness.
Yet, most strikingly, is the industry has no plan, timeline or cohesive strategy to get the industry away from the current fuel source.

Motherhood statements on bio-fuel undermine the technical and practical complexity. Battery technology is but a wish and laminar flow flying wings would require a rather lot of fossil fuel to be expended building an entirely new infrastructure.

Climate change or not, what viable alternative is there?
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