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My two penn'orth, you cannot continue to fly helicopters of any kind on 5 hours a year.

Five hours a month is in my opinion the absolute minimum to keep functionally current, on the simplest airframe. If you are constrained by finance or time pressures in your life to less than this, then do not even consider a "new" type. Except possibly a fixed wing LSA which might keep you alive on five hours a year. But I doubt it.

If you can get to regular, varied, flying in rotary, my type of choice would be a Cabri. It is a modern design, has all the abilities of a real helicopter, and if you roll it into a ball you will most likely walk away from it, as it is built like a brick outhouse.

Many light helicopter accidents have a contributory cause of low experience level and lack of recency of the pilot.

Please do not add to that statistic...
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