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Originally Posted by anto125 View Post
Never said I'm for a gender based selection... (which is not this one anyway), I can guarantee it's full of girls out there who want to be pilots.
Easyjet is simply trying to close up a gap for an envoirement that has always been considered a macho's thing (numbers talk).
The examples that Paul posted are simply not related at all because they're mostly jobs requiring a body strenght that most of women don't have.
Tell me what skills does flying an a320 require that women don't have guys..
Anyway, can we close here these weird/middle aged discussion? I just wanted to tell you a friend of mine got called. And you started writing rude stuff.
Good luck everyone.
We can talk about less body strength jobs as you say.
Women dominate in the field of biology I never saw them wanting more men there.
It is what people chose to do without any political agenda in mind. Being a pilot isnt an easy job and men are more dominant because at the end of the day you dont just fly an A320.
You have weird rosters, responsibility to your family, airlines and passengers, fatigue, Airlines checks etc etc. An airline pilot doesnt just fly a plane and most women AND men dont feel compelled to that lifestyle.

I emphasize though again, equal opportunity vs equal outcome. Both I say again BOTH genders have equal opportunities in aviation but because we want to fill a gap of one gender it stops being equal in the end.

I want to see qualified pilots be it F or M.
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