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Originally Posted by Jamesair View Post
Another way to gain new routes is by making Newcastle and the North East an attractive inward destination for tourists. The airport has already made a good start on this and more successful TV shows such as VERA and movies like HARRY POTTER...which are sold overseas, all help to market the area as a region to visit. A large number of inbound passengers would help a route such as New York work. Overseas business locating in the North East also brings incoming passengers. Attracting large foreign manufacturers to the area always brings a two way flow of extra passengers to and from the area. This happened when a large German manufacturer opened up in the area many years ago, unfortunately they subsequently closed the plant.....Lufthansa opened routes to service this need. Holding major events in the area also adds to the numbers, i.e. the recent Rugby matches, about 7,500 was the figure mentioned.
It would be interesting to know the percentage/amount of reverse flow passengers using the airport.
Port of Tyne is successfully attracting cruise ships starting and ending their voyages at overseas ports to make a call here. The passengers are offered a series of excursions around and about the area, a percentage of these will decide to return to explore the area further, probably arriving and departing by air for their visit.
I agree with most of what you're saying, Jamesair, but which routes did Lufthansa open to service Siemens? (I'm assuming you're talking about them?). The point about reverse flow passengers is an interesting one. In the departure lounge last Friday, and in the arrivals hall on Monday, there was a preponderance of North East accents as there always is. It has been argued, with some justification but maybe a need for more nuance, that airports like Newcastle actually take money out of their regions. It surprises me that more tourists don't come here but I suppose we'd better be careful what we wish for.

P.S. 'Vera' is a risible piece of television though, bring back 'Spender'
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