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Tesla’s share price may be an indication that the electric cars time has not quite arrived. Maybe another twenty years or so ..
also statements like veganism has increased seven fold, whilst possibly true are , a tad misleading, if the number has gone from say 100k to 700k. It’s an irrelevant amount of people. Tho the direction of travel is of course valid.
Don’t forget to factor in the people who say they are vegan but enjoy a burger on the quiet, so knock 50% off the total ..
A bit like people who say they will vote Lib Dem or green then tick the brexit party box in the privacy of the booth ..

‘’Nuclear is the only real option if you want to produce a huge constant baseload of co2 friendly Leccy. Maybe dam up the Bristol Channel if you can get over the wildlife changes that will happen ..

I think that pollution, litter and destruction of natural environments are bigger problems than co2 at the moment.
Nuclear solves a lot of these. By condensing the pollution from power generation into much smaller amounts of highly toxic crap. There is no escaping it.. making the leccy required for the next century will involved making a crap by product. You can either spread it out over the whole planet or bury it somewhere handy. Like er. Scotland ��
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