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When the CFC crisis was recognised and the damage to the ozone layer realised, CFCs were banned and alternatives found. As a result, the ozone layer is slowly recovering.

So why not ban CO2 production? Well, obviously because we are currently too dependant on fossil fuels. But are ‘we’ being pro-active enough about alternate forms of energy? We could have had wind farms in the 1960’s - there is nothing particularly technological about a wind turbine driving an electrical generator, and think of all the coal that could have been saved.
Is enough being done in nuclear fusion research?
Hydrogen production and distribution?
Solar cell research - efficiencies are very poor at the moment.
Tidal stream generation?
Housing insulation and energy efficiency. It is possible to build extremely energy efficient housing, and modern regulations are addressing this, but more could be done. Heat pumps instead of gas/oil powered heating systems. We could ban fossil fuel home heating for all new builds.

People need to have realistic alternatives before they can change their behaviour. Why are electric cars so expensive? They have no clutch, no gearbox, no exhaust system, no catalytic convertors, no exhaust filters, no engine cooling system, no oil system - they just have a battery and a motor. They should be way cheaper than the fossil fuel equivalent. .

Why are modern cars having more and more energy using, heavy electric motors fitted to open and close doors and windows? The driver’s window does not need to be electric. Doors do not need to be electrically operated.

Why are most buses still Diesel powered? Most could be electric, with a brief top-up charge at each stop to keep them going around their route

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