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Originally Posted by pax britanica View Post
Boris is the ideal choice for PM in 21st century britain
Liar, many occasions............... Etc
Indeed he is. He's perfect for the job. In a way Britain needs him. His entirely predictable disastrous reign as PM will finally scupper the Eton educated elite hold on power.
​​​​​​The fact that the Torys think that another bumbling toff is the ideal candidate for PM in the face of a populist backlash tells you how out of touch with the people they are.

​​​​​In 1945, the people voted for Labour because they realised that WC was not a peacetime leader. The same fate will befall the Boris without the warm glow of a war won. . Unfortunately Corbyn is no Atlee.

Inevitably he will fall too like his friend Maduro will do in due course . I wonder how the political landscape will look after a Marxist Labour government falls?

Will it be right wing populist or Lib Dem?

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