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Originally Posted by cavortingcheetah View Post
In medieval England the city mob would have had none of this nonsense and gerrymandering. It'd have marched to parliament, wedged the doors shut with tree trunks and burned the lot to the ground, MPs and all, before electing, in its roughshod way, its own committee of representatives to meet with the Queen. It would thereby have solved the instantaneous problem of human incompetence while at the same time reducing Mr Barry's architectural curiosity to rubble, thus necessitating a change of location of work premises for the inevitable new clutch of parliamentarians.
Really???? What they did do was break into the nearest alcohol store they could find and got drunk, as well as trashing anything they didn't like!!!! You really need to read a proper history book Mr Cheetah, as in the end they lost!!! Also the Conservatives are the masters of Gerrymandering (along with assist stripping), one of the reason's I have never and will never vote for them. Anyhow my favourite version of the "Peasants are Revolting" from 1988/89 if memory serves.

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