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Boris is the idel chice for PM in 21st century britain
Liar, many occasions
Cheat- ask his wife
Social outcast- shagging his employee or someone close to that
Cheat , ask his wife again and look back on some of his quotes
fraudster ( faking articles for his employers on more than one occasion
Incompetent- look at his time as Foreign sec , Woman in Iran etc

Only interested in himself and making Churchillian comments , without revealing that aside from 1940-1942 Churchill when he was perfect was an awful politician , changing parties being a sort of general renegade, wanting to shoot strikers etc and as per his CIGS excellent autobiography had to continually be stopped from losing the war when after Stalingrad it was clear the Allies would eventually win. And as you probably gather I am not WC fan but it is an insult to a man who was Great when his country needed him to be to be plagiarised by a ludicrous characterture as Johnson
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