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Originally Posted by WingNut60 View Post
I remember well a presenter at a seminar I went to in about 1975 who said pretty much the same about the insignificant differences between Liberals/ Nationals / Labor.
He firmly attributed it to the robustness of the Australian constitution, and the provisions that prevent it from being easily changed.
You cannot and never will have a government that diverges much from mid-field party policies which the current parties follow.
That's pretty much correct. Australia rarely gravitates away from centrist policy. For political junkies and die hard supporters of each party they can boast and moan at election time and in between in the media and on social media but for the vast majority we hold our noses and pick whomever we can stomach the most, they get on with life and exclaim "all politicians are useless wankers".

Even more so to back this up is that the Two Party Preferred vote has never really been more than a 3% majority within the last 40 years. In 3 of the last 4 elections it's been less than 1%. From last election to this one there was barely any change in the vote counts. The nation is fairly centre based, more radical parties (Clive Palmer this time around) fail to achieve any impact. Whereas in other nations huge swings and vote changes of 20-30% are seen by various parties with more substantial differences at election time. Australia is far more stable, only changing between two parties which both essentially run the country the same way. Putting it down to compulsory voting, the preferential system and the Australian public's overall dislike of politicians.

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