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If anyone knew beforehand that they were in for a tumble then it was Penny.
A pity; a very talented lady
Quite possibly, WingNut60; However, regardless of how talented Penny Wong may be; I still clearly remember what an acquaintance of mine now sadly deceased*, of Chinese ancestry, once said to me of people such as Ms Wong.

The last I remember reading of Ms Wong's bio was that she could not speak or understand any Chinese language or dialect!
My acquaintance remarked to me that such people ''would be treated like shit..."(his exact words) in any dealings with Chinese Government Authorities! His statement of opinion was along the lines that if you appear to have Chinese ancestry you had better bloody well speak the language.......or else!!!

And don't squeal racist, discrimination or whatever the current PC term is/was, because the Chinese Government would not give a shit!!

*Any old PNG lapuns from the early 90's would know of whom I speak.
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