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Originally Posted by fgrieu View Post
What substantiates too easy ? The only source I know is Boeing's statement "changes will improve the simulation of force loads on the manual trim wheel". I have yet to find any authoritative source on if the change makes turning the wheel of the simulator easier or harder, and in which part of the flight envelope / position of the ailerons.
Virtually all of the news reports say that the flaw is that the trim wheels are too easy to turn, thus not actually simulating a situation such as the ones the accident flight crews faced, with extreme loading of the H-stab.

The NY Times story says:

Boeing recently discovered that the simulators could not accurately replicate the difficult conditions created by a malfunctioning anti-stall system, which played a role in both disasters. The simulators did not reflect the immense force that it would take for pilots to regain control of the aircraft once the system activated on a plane traveling at a high speed.
Emphasis added.
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