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every time I fly, the analogue hands become desynchronised with the digital time. The analogue hands loose time by around 3 minutes over a 6-7 hr flight
Looks like the stepper motor for the analog hands looses steps. The strong magnetic field theory would make some sense if there was such a source, but I can think of none. If the watch it still waterproof, I doubt it could be the slightly lower cabin pressure, or hygrometry. Flying high measurably increases errors in computer DRAM due to single event upsets from cosmic rays, but I doubt that it could have some effect on the driver of a stepper. Remains temperature (cold air), position, vibration. Stick shaker :-) ?

[I was given a similar electronic+mechanic watch from another Swiss brand. I experienced two different reliability issues. After 6 months the handle for minutes suddenly stopped moving at all. On the replacement (under warranty), a 4mm spot developed on the side of the digital display, with the same contrast as the digits. I'm living with that later defect. Never had troubles related to flying (as a PAX) with any other watch].

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