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From the position of the accident site it looks as if the take off was from 15. The runway is reported to have a significant "hump" which would substantially affect t/o run. Additionally the wind in the area at the time appears to have been predominantly northerly 5-7kts but it is impossible to be certain due to local effects, valley etc. However that seems likely.

So, take off downwind on grass, fairly heavy and with an up-gradient on at least part of it? Plus the terrain is rising gently in that direction. Of course we don't know the fuel state but with three adults on board it's likely to have been well towards the higher end.
I'd foresee difficulties heading off under those (speculative) conditions.
The telling thing of course is the distance to clear a 50ft obstacle which is what a 30ft pole with a 20ft terrain rise over that distance might well be...

I've looked at the performance tables and made a few assumptions about TOW etc and the numbers come out remarkably close to 50ft right about where those wires are.

A bit rough and ready I know but might be an explanation.

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