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Regarding post #410... in one of the cabin perspective videos it appears either there was a breach during landing or windows melted.. pax filming; the screaming gets louder and it seems there's visible flames in the cabin (my impression was it lit up the seat/wall and/or clothing of the pax seated behind the one filming, as you hear what sounds like someone patting away as you would try to put out a smoulder...)

Edit: after viewing on a bigger screen it may have been reflection, at the end though after the interphone chime goes off it certainly appears the fire is already about to enter if not already in the cabin at the midpoint... this video shows both cabin videos (there is a woman with distinctive scream heard in both- perhaps a Russian speaker can elaborate on what is being said)

At any rate there was very little time even before the aircraft came to a halt- the crew were certainly well aware as to me it sounds like an audible evacuation chime is sounding even before the interphone(?) Chime...

Does the Superjet have EES system like Airbus aircraft do? (The high pitched "bipbipbipbip" in the video is what this sounds like?)


Can't recall where posted, possibly Instagram but if I can find will post link...

EDIT to add link:

This also fits with the witness statement the Aft pax were up and running fwd during the deceleration...

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