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Originally Posted by up_down_n_out View Post
Are you hinting fault was pilot or a/c or a combination of both?
Could be FDR, CVR, has already been analysed, and answer is already known.
Physics go against that enormous acceleration WITHOUT man's action: thrust, TOGA...

In the passenger's video (#220) there's no trace of ANY usual flying inconvenience: turbulence, abnormal engines thrust, vibrations, etc.
If that video didn't end as it does, nobody could say that AC was in any kind of emergency. True is that no regular sounds of a pax cabin happen (it's heard a kind of breath, possibly from the mobile's owner).
Apparently the AC was "flyable" (flaps deployed, LG down, etc), but made the landing approach at higher speed than normal.

After the second bounce can be easily appreciated a thrust & up trim, this associated with TOGA action.
And immediately a down trim.
Could be one action made by one pilot and the second by the other? Possible.
Then, pilot(s) action(s) made possible such a big disaster. IMHO.

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