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Originally Posted by RotorBabe View Post
Good morning, having just spoken to mr vertical he is not back at all, his last post was put up for scrutany back in march but only posted now. Posts are already being deleted and steve is still blocked. There is a ton of discrimination and racism going on here by management for him having posted pictures of foods and family. Sad site this is, shame on the mods, please respect everyones rights to be here and contribute

Om mani padme hung
Absolute rubbish. The last post was approved (by me) within an hour of being put into the moderating queue, certainly not two months: that is nonsense and quite offensive.

And to somehow link this to race (he's an Aussie, for goodness sake!) is an accusation that will not get any support here. Any more posts such as this and the thread will get closed, regardless.
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