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The real story of the 'airnap' of GAHPG/VPYHJ

Originally Posted by gatwick ghost View Post
Long ago there was an incident with a Viking in Northern Rhodesia, (now Zambia.)
Not sure of the details but believe a British crew went out to repossess the aircraft and flew it out in rather difficult circumstances.
I think one of the pilots was George Bellamy - later of Caledonian and Montana.

Does anyone know any more details ?
Hi, I have the full story as told by George Bellamy who, as you stated, was one of the pilots. The other was a man called Tom Cox a supposed American, possibly Australian. They repossessed it as the person who had bought it from Falcon Airways (of which George was one of the directors and therefore owner of the plane) never paid for it. The plane was taken, quite blazenly and under fire from UN troops (with very poor aim) from Elizabethville and flown to Ndola where they left it. Makes for a funny story... one of many that George has recounted in his memoirs.
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