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An Airbus can be dispatched with one ADIR inop. Why such strong comments from people that know so little about how aircraft are certified or flown? Airbus has had its own significant issues with undesired control imputs due to faulty sensors, it is only a matter of luck that more of them did not crash.

Listen to what 737 is saying and you may learn something about how systems are designed, how we deal with failures before dispatch and how we deal with failures in flight. This is not Boeing specific. There are many many aircraft out there that are trickier to fly and have been flying for decades than a 737MAX.

Does this all mean that Boeing has nothing to learn from this? of course not but there are lesson here for Lion Air, ET, the FAA and pilots on general. Simplifying this into " the MAX is unsafe and is all Boeing´s fault" means missing many important lessons here.

From a statistical point of view a 737 MAX is way safer than your car, your bike, taking the bus, etc,etc,etc a take it that you are not rushing out to buy a a brand new car every six months so ease up on the hysteria chaps.
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