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The issues with Boeing run very deep. As with most industries, money (profit) is the only reason they exist. The CEO received more than $24m last year I believe. Just like the medical device industry here in Southern California: FDA or TUV auditors are wined and dined to go easy on the company and turn a blind eye....organizations are allowed to self regulate and report ( hey, how about selling a product, that surgeons use to treat brain aneurysms, to Europe and South America, even though a major shipment of the product contains traces of lead through the ‘fault’ of a third party vendor? Self report ? Hell no!! And the FDA have no idea ). The need (obsession) to meet ever increasing ‘numbers’, to hold off the competition and to keep the stakeholders happy ($$$) ultimately results in complacency that is endemic throughout many industries ( yes...aviation included )....until people die and then the lawyers appear out of the woodwork to begin damage limitation...not out of remorse..but to simply protect the business. The documentary on the 787 below really is a mirror to many other industries. Everyone wants a piece of the pie but without the negative consequences and ownership. Maybe folk will view the 787 video below with even more contempt now we have lost two MAX aircraft...and more importantly...many innocent lives.

Pilots, passengers....all pawns to those playing the big game ( Thank goodness it was a little better during the Concorde years! )

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