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Originally Posted by Bend alot View Post

Should an AoA disagree (more than 5 degrees) MCAS can not function, so (and I am aware you stated you would not put them up) is flight with flaps up prohibited?

Did the brief include the conditions of MCAS override by the pilot/s and rest limits?
If there is an AOA disagreement that is enough to inhibit MCAS, then we would get a warning annunciator and we would follow the non-normal procedure for that annunciation. It is my understanding that the non-normals are being adapted for the new software, but they have not been published so I can't really comment on them. If the MCAS has been inhibited, there really should be no issue with retracting the flaps. Keep in mind that the entire reason MCAS exists is to assist in certain circumstance when the aircraft approaches a stall. Commercial aircraft fly thousands of segments per day for weeks, and months, and (sometimes) years on end without a single one of them approaching a stall. A situation where MCAS is not available for a particular flight has a risk probability that is quite low.

Again, if MCAS were somehow to activate when it was not supposed to with the new software in place, the response would probably still be the runaway stab trim procedure. I say "probably" because until the MAX is certified for flight, there may be new procedures developed.

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