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Originally Posted by Steepclimb View Post
The mess you left, that's why. Do you even know your own history? That's the price you pay for ancestors conduct in the past. Despite British hubris about civilising the empire it was always about exploitation, keeping the natives in their place. A combination of racism and exploitation. Making them little brown skinned Britons was not on the agenda. It was never about enriching and civilising the colonies. Keep them poor and barefoot. It was even tried on the Americans we know how that ended. But they learned bad lessons from their former overlords.

A great deal of current unrest is directly connected to British activities from the the Middle East to Africa to Afghanistan to Pakistan. Some of it more recent than you might prefer to admit. Yes other countries played their but need to own your country's part in this mess.

'Send them all back' you might say but that's exactly what they would have said about the British.

Legacy of empire.
A popular, but inaccurate view of the world I believe. Perhaps you fail to notice the tribalism and religious sects at the centre of most of today's current conflicts? Less about wanting land or resources and all about a desire to exterminate those who don't believe in the same gods. Even NI is still divided on sectarian lines. That is where the issues really lie.
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