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Originally Posted by parabellum View Post
Nothing wrong with empires and colonies two and three hundred years ago, without them the world today would be just one great big present day Africa. History shows that the UK were among the more civilised of colonists, far less cruel than the French or Portuguese, for example and more inclined than others to develop a nations resources rather than pillage them. Not facts that appeal to British Empire apologists of course, but facts nevertheless.
Oh dear! Where do you even start with that attitude?

Yes you're right the English were more civilised when it came to plunder, oppression, rape of countries they acquired by invading and defeating the savages who dwelled there. In fact the natives should be properly grateful they were incorporated into the civilised British empire rather than those vicious European countries who are even now cruelly oppressing the noble British people.

The empire is nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of unless you support the idea that invading other countries to acquire their resources is actually a positive thing. Which you clearly do. Yet you feel no shame all.

The empire was a good thing for the British mostly the English mostly the rich and the aristocracy. For the colonised it was occupation and exploitation no more no less.
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