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You are right, this is a small (indeed at times too small) industry in which most of us want to succeed, grow aviation and have an interesting time. Most of us on the finance side either know directly or indirectly the vast majority of folks. I have never seen something like this before. Itís the first time I realise, up close and personal, all the arguments against Facebook, Twitter, etc that were previously an abstraction to me. I expected more from LinkedIn but seems I was naive. I find myself now turning down requests to connect. I hold the supine Indian press accountable for just repeating his absurd tweets and not doing a shred of research or corroboration. Perhaps the entire nation is desperate for a saviour, no matter unrealistic. Itís like watching car crash in slow motion and I canít look away as I want to try to prevent it. I feel like all the good people here should be heard but not enough outside folks are convinced of our intentions. The ability of one guy in his flat, with a poor command of English, with what seems to be no job (how does he afford it???) and with an internet connections is shocking.
All we can do is report, report, report and report and hopefully the internet gods will listen and shut him and that Oleg goon down.
His ramblings on Twitter and LinkedIn over the last 12hrs have increased as far as I can tell. Seems heís stuck in Thailand with his wife and daughters as the UK wonít grant them visas (at this point who knows whatís true???)

My wife jokes that when I get upset, I get all righteous and state loudly, ďIím going to write a letter!Ē. But I am going to write one to the ceo of LinkedIn.

Mr Jeffrey Weiner
Chief Executive Officer
LinkedIn Headquarters
2029 Stierlin Ct., Ste.
200 Mountain View, CA 94043

Allowing Jason and Oleg to continue their false info calls into question LinkedInís utility. Why should any of use it if we canít trust it? Perhaps if enough of us write a paper letter (imagine how few he must actually get in todayís internet world), he will take action.

I will also write to the ceo of Twitter but he always seems to have a lot on his plate...
Mr Jack Dorsey
Chief Executive Officer
Twitter Headquarters
1355 Market St. Ste. 900
San Francisco, CA 94103
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