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Originally Posted by TrueMagnetik View Post
Good old PPRuNe!!!

I've stumbled upon this guy on linkedin before, from the similarly uncredible (or more like incredible...) aforementioned Oleg's profile and at that time I completely disregarded it because I assumed the guy must have been institutionalised for a while... But I came across an article this morning highlighting this guy is actually trying to bid for Jet. I mean just wow - surely there must be a law against this sort of thing.

I spent a solid hour reading through this thread and elsewhere. I have to say I'm impressed by how long he's managed to live this lie and I think it speaks volumes of how minimal critical thinking some people do. It's one thing that the majority of the industry actively stomps out these people but the guy has been going for a while so he can still get traction... And the reason I find that worrying because we're such a tiny industry and closely knit, it's not rocket science to work out if someone is completely bonkers... Like Oleg and this muppet are.

Oh not to mention the absolute joker who even had a documentary/mockumentary aired on channel 4 about how much of an idiot he is trying to start an airline out of a GA airfield, with the A380 dreams downgraded to a Jetstream at the speed of light.

Anyway I'll be an active follower of this idiots, trying to see which one starts selling tickets to the moon first.

You are right, this is a small (indeed at times too small) industry in which most of us want to succeed, grow aviation and have an interesting time. Most of us on the finance side either know directly or indirectly the vast majority of folks. I have never seen something like this before. Its the first time I realise, up close and personal, all the arguments against Facebook, Twitter, etc that were previously an abstraction to me. I expected more from LinkedIn but seems I was naive. I find myself now turning down requests to connect. I hold the supine Indian press accountable for just repeating his absurd tweets and not doing a shred of research or corroboration. Perhaps the entire nation is desperate for a saviour, no matter unrealistic. Its like watching car crash in slow motion and I cant look away as I want to try to prevent it. I feel like all the good people here should be heard but not enough outside folks are convinced of our intentions. The ability of one guy in his flat, with a poor command of English, with what seems to be no job (how does he afford it???) and with an internet connections is shocking.
All we can do is report, report, report and report and hopefully the internet gods will listen and shut him and that Oleg goon down.
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