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Originally Posted by Flightrider View Post
The emotion seems to be overtaking any rational business sense in your reply. Have you got any remote idea as to the level of investment required to support the service even in its current form? If it is not working - regardless of the reason why - airlines cannot afford to lose several million (and that's the quantum we're talking about here) flying aircraft at below break-even load factors and/or yields unless they see some very clear signs of improvement on the horizon. If you want a daily Beijing service with Air China then it is going to require tens of millions to support it. [Even then, it is not bound to succeed - Qatar Airways at Cardiff being the obvious example.] If you haven't got those tens of millions to chuck at it, then you have to make do with what the market can provide on a purely commercial basis - which you then can't really complain about.
Let's be honest though HU seem to have a bit of a history of starting up a route, often with bizarre routings, times and frequency, sticking around for a bit and then cancelling it. Money for startups doesn't seem to be an issue. They have launched 3 weekly to Oslo and added Dublin to Shenzhen, as well as the HNA group move to LHR from LGW inirecent months. They just don't seem that interested in sticking around for long once they are in. A lot of work was put into this route but I just get the impression they have had no long term commitment desires from the start.


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