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Originally Posted by TwinAisle View Post
Why? Because he is continuing to lie to our colleagues, to waste their time, to panhandle money off them under false pretences and generally to bring our industry into disrepute.

if this thread should be moved anywhere it should be the main forum.

I'm not sure if the main forum is the place for matters relating to Jason - after all, that's where the serious business/ technical matters of our trade are discussed, and Jason - not being in the trade - has no place there as a point of discussion.

I also think we're serving a purpose bringing to the fore his activities to a wider audience. Jet Blast is just for laughs and idle chat and although occasionally amusing though this thread is about Jason's propensity for enormous cart loads of BS - it has a serious side in exposing scams, fraud, deceit and dastardly doings, etc

I think it's probably better off just sitting here in SB.
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