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Originally Posted by Pontius Navigator View Post
ATNotts, 'the average voter' seemed confused with a double binary choice. Two Lab, two Con, two votes.

Can someone refresh me on the EU election? In our region we have 8 groups with 5 candidates and a single independent. Do we pick any 5 from 41 or we pick one group?

With the exception of the Brexit and UKIP groups, do the others have any incentive to leave the EU? No, thought not.
Certainly can...apart from the fact it's more than a shade inconvenient for all parties, it's also afforded Tommy "Gawd bless 'is racist 'eart " tellin it wot like it is ! " an opportunity to enter mainstream politics...thankfully, as recent events in Warrington and Wythenshawe demonstrate, this entry may not be as successful as he / it imagined .

Talking of which, how are your own aspirations towards governance progressing ?......
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