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Originally Posted by Sallyann1234 View Post
Forgive me for being slow this morning after a late night, but can someone explain to me why the party leaders are having discussions about compromising on a deal, when there is already a deal on the table in Brussels and it is the only one the EU will accept?
Unless I'm mistaken, the discussions largely surround the future shape of the UK / EU relationship, rather than the exit agreement that has already been agreed, and as you say, the EU will not re-open.

Because the future relationship document is not legally binding, Corbyn and his team really have to be careful, as they could so easily sign up to something with TM that would immediately overturned by the next leader shoe-horned into No.10. I don't see how anything watertight can be agreed so the chances of a binding agreement between Labour and Conservatives is quite unilkely, especially as the Tory absolutely will not agree to any sort of binding binary referendum choice - the deal, or remain. This hairbrained idea of a 3 question referendum that the papers are floating today is totally unrealistic, unless it is run on a 1st and 2nd preference system, largely beyond the wit of your average voter.

Rory Stewart said on Sky News this weekend that if a new Tory leader moved further towards a harder Brexit, then the party could easily lose 4m votes at the next general election Funny looking bloke, Stewart, and also sounds like your typical upper class twit that tends populate the Conservative party, but he talks sense, rather than dogma. I've liked him since he took on the job of Prisons Minister, as tends to talk straight and answer questions. Really hope he gets a decent shot at the Tory leadership election when it comes along.

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