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Some of the questions I was asked in Radio Aids and Instrumentation:
1) Why is there a negative number indicated on the Radio Altimeter readout? What happens to this number at touch down and after strut compression?
2) What are the errors of Radio Altimeter?
3) What happens when you put the IRS switch to align and leave it there? why does it start flashing after sometime?
4) Advantages of IRS over INS
5) What are the limitations of IRS? What are the north and south latitude limitations? Why is the south latitude less than North?
6) If you are in 'Unsafe landing Configuration' and get an RA (resolution advisory) what would you do. [This was supposed to mean Unsafe terrain closure when not in landing config]
7) If you have an engine failure and notice an A/C on reciprocal heading at same level what will be your action?
8) What is the bypass ratio of your a/c?
9) What is the priority between Stall, Wind shear, GPWS, TCAS?
10) Explain the working of a conventional Mach Meter.
11) If static port is blocked, what would the ASI read in descent and why? What is the consequence of such a reading.

Some of the questions asked in Gen Navigation:
1) What is RNAV? What is RNP? What is PBN? What is the difference between RNAV and RNP?
2) Explain the basic workings of the GPS system. What is RAIM?
3) Explain the basic working of IRS?
4) What is a Nautical mile? How much is it in feet? How much is 1 km in feet?
5) In case of Nav accuracy down grade in RNP how will you be notified?
6) What is True/ Magnetic/ Compass North?
7) What is GAGAN?
8) Takeoff segments and requirements.
9) Jeppesen en route chart symbols.

These are all the questions I remember.
Would really appreciate the answers of Radio Aids questions: 1, 2, 3, 5 with references if possible.
Thanks & all the best.

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