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The fake LI profile has several hallmarks of Jason’s (lack of) grammar and writing style:

1) Unnecessary capital letter on ‘Of’ - not a massive error but in keeping with a true author who studied at the ‘Univeristy’ of Greenwich, according to his website which offers flights on ‘aircrafts and all that...’

2) Lack of consistency in job title and airline name - in one place he’s ‘Head Of Operations at Atmosphere Airlines UK’ - elsewhere on the same profile he’s gained the same job at ‘UK/Thai’ and then ‘Intercontinental’ has been thrown in for good measure. This is very much in Jason’s style of branding Atmosphere with just about every country and grand sounding adjective he can find.

3) His location for the Atmosphere ‘job’ is listed as ‘London, United Kingdom’ whereas for Wow Air he worked simply at ‘Keflavik’ with no mention of Iceland. Again this is reminiscent of Jason’s lack of attention to detail.

Clearly Nigel = Jason.

In other news I was just about to get around to correcting various aspects of the Atmosphere Wikipedia article (especially the claim to have 1,000 employees) and was delighted to discover that it’s been deleted.
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