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3 S92 are about to turn up for a contract in Port Hedland WA, they were marking the taxi ways out 2 weeks ago
Same Santos drilling contract they have been supporting contract as Bristow has been supporting from Karratha, 2x S-92s. Bristow has 5 in country now, 3 are heading to the North Sea.


The recent Bristow 10Q flings have shown Air North to be making a small loss, profit or loss is highly dependent on the fuel price.

The whole idea was to buy airlines (Eastern in the UK and Air North in Australia) and to control the whole travel supply chain for the offshore oil and gas workforce. But in Australia, Bristow customers didn't buy it, in fact, they are very adverse to having one logistics transport supplier. Bristow canvassed their customers and the reaction was negative.

But one or two management types in Bristow had delusions of grandeur and with the cash rolling in at that time from helicopter operations, they went ahead and did it anyway. After the purchase, Bristow didn't actually try to make the tie up with the helicopter contracts so Air North was always going to be a stepchild. They installed a "tea bag and toilet paper sheet counting" finance type as Air North CEO who had briefly held a position in Bristow as Service Delivery Manager. He was moved to Air North because the Bristow Helicopter customers neither liked the service nor the Manager.
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