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I am holding out hope for the lovebirds. The way they gaze at each other. The way food and drink holds no allure when they are together and the way the voices of others are muted to the background when, like songbirds, they strain to hear the dulcet tones of each others entreaties for affection and tenderness.

No, who are we to say it is not love? Certainly not us--the jjaded and cynical ones against whom time has worn away the sensitivities of the heart.

They are in the spring bloom of love indeed. One needs to look to the prose of the Bard, Byron, Racine, or Molliere to properly frame the ardour on display here.

Or...it could be that the Portly Un is still maneuvering in a way to exploit the patent weaknesses of Trump's strategy and tactics.

Not a betting man myself, but I would take the latter.

Have not followed up with the reports, but I noticed SK and others initially framed this as a projectile instead of a missile. Will take a look in the morning as to what the latest is.

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