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5-6 years ago when living in hilly area I forgot to put handbrake on car after a long days driving and massive traffic jams on M25.

Car rolled 50 metres across and down road and managed to kiss and crack a concrete fence post, 3 metres further it was in a garden and it would have landed onto a car. Knocked on door and told them what happened, they never heard anything and wouldn't have known.

They got couple of quotes around 550 and then a guy who said he would replace fence post, concrete it in for 100. He came did the job for 100 and got paid. No insurance spoken to or needed.

OP would suggest get a quote with fence post that needs replacing, if gravel boards really don't need replacing and the crack make really sod all difference then don't do them. If maybe that a local guy can do it for 150 so call up the lady concerned and tell her price and get her to pay for it upfront direct to him

You can try and do it all on insurance and it cost 750 after everybody rakes in their profit or get someone to have a look and do it and only do what is necessary. Lady lost her car and lets face it that is more of a concern to her than your fence, act reasonably and not only find it gets paid and done quickly.
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