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Originally Posted by parabellum View Post
If it has been mentioned already then my apologies but does anyone else here think that Gavin Williamson has been asked to take one for the team?
To minimise the aftermath Theresa May had to fire someone least likely to make a big fuss and drag out an enquiry, any of the 'Not so keen on Theresa' gang would have maximised the ensuing disruption and discomfort, all of which begs the question, 'Where did the leak come from in the first place'? Surely not from TM or one of her team? Politicians, like pilots, will eat their own young and would have no compunction about sacrificing a colleague, or has Williamson simply over estimated his own importance and his value to the media and completely misread the situation?
EM hit us with a conspiracy theory wave yesterday, scroll back a bit here to understand this......and Gav said he was prepared to indulge in a spot of ritual child sacrifice according to the Mail...the Mail could actually be setting a precedent here by publishing a factual statement however.....that said, here's a less than illustrious CV which suggests he's got more potential than the other four contenders ..and this takes some doing !...to be guilty

Of course, it does beg the question as to why Treeza feels the matter is now closed and somewhat reluctant to involve the police and a criminal investigation as to a possible breach of the OSA
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