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For those with a sense of humour......


This , however, will probably induce a complete breakdown for those who feel our requirement to have such is mandatory and can never be challenged.......

Which leads to those inconveniently timed local elections.....inconvenient due to the little matter of we all know what that is.

For those unfamiliar with Trafford, let's just say it's a Tory heartland and always has been. Hence it's a surprise to see even the faithful deserting the party as the BBC shows.....however, note the lament from one Mr Brady here.....

"Sir Graham Brady, who chairs the Conservative backbench 1922 Committee, said Brexit had been a "massive frustration" for voters and affected the number of Tory supporters coming out.

He told the BBC: "
We need to be more obviously competent as a government and we need to make progress - crucially on the central issue of Brexit "

No kidding sunshine !....the word competent being a slight understatement here....and unlikely to be used in conjunction with Treeza and co now, and in the future, if indeed ever.

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