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Originally Posted by PiperDriver86 View Post
That dirty rat Oleg E is at it again... Asking 1000 dollars for the "Jet Airways employees fund".
You start big, ask for 1.2 billion dollars, adverise yourself as new Messiah and promise everything to get the ball rolling and get huge number of audience. Then you ask for something more attainable and realistic like a 1000 bucks. At the end you try to emotionally manipulate the audience by indirectly blaming them for the missfortune of someone else if they don't send the money.
And from that big audience, there will be a few unlucky bastards who will take the bait.

A typical law of large numbers scam.

This guy need to be stopped
Hes managed to generate almost 300 posts worth of free screen time in possibly the largest aviation forum in the world!!
Be lucky
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