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What’s his end game here?
The big question.

i think what’s happened is he has unwittingly created a monster. He may well have started off sincerely wanting to start an airline (which with his experience is a pipe dream) and/or he may have seen this as a money spinner (scam). Either way, he has sown the wind of publicity: the patterns have become clear. He makes a claim to suggest things are moving forward (usually with a dose of panhandling); he then gets questioned about it, and he exaggerates further, or lies. Then he posts all manner of nonsense (literally anything aviation related, no matter how inconsequential to his plans, or Brexit, or some tourist board’s puff, or the Thai elections, or what his local MP is up to, or the latest from Stansted Airport) to force his exaggerations out of the top ranks of his social media where he hopes they are forgotten. Then things go quiet for a bit, and then we go around again.

What’s happened with Jet is that no one will forget, especially the many thousands of our airline brothers and sisters who are wondering where the hell their next pay check is coming from. He’s created a narrative that he cannot even begin to control, and which will eat him. There’s a whole load of journalists across the sub continent who are picking up his every word, and they will be incredibly angry when this is all revealed to be a fantasy.

Whatever his end game might have been, he’s no longer at the controls of this runaway train. And runaway train scenarios rarely if ever end well.
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