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Originally Posted by TwinAisle View Post
Got to agree with Auxtank. The Boy Wonder is a publicity whore and anything we have said or done makes little difference, except hopefully to warn people about him.

Itís interesting to note that on LI he even likes comments from people who are criticising him - I can only assume this is some sort of publicity seeking as well.

His crazy rate of posting is worthy of note. Given all multitude of channels he has posted at an average rate of 320 items PER DAY. Assuming he sleeps thatís 20 an hour, or one every three minutes - day in day out. Thatís got to be obsessive behaviour.

He needs to be stopped but I suspect weíre close to end game. His latest - to have Jet as his own and flying again by May 8 - is ludicrous, and will be shown to be so. Then where does he go?

Whatís his end game here? A conversation piece for the pub? How long before his ďfriendsĒ get bored? I guess when this falls flat he moves on to the next thing. Perhaps backing a supersonic aircraft! Shame he canít use his creativity for something useful...
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