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Originally Posted by docstone View Post
There is a convention amongst psychiatrists known as the Goldwater rule - not to make public diagnoses from afar and without patient permission. The rule arose after US Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater lost in what many observers judged to be a campaign prejudiced by remote comments on mental health. Interestingly, many members of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) have stepped away from this rule in regards to Trump - but that's for another thread.

Is Jason Mad, Bad or Sad? To an extent it's immaterial, he is leading vulnerable people on a dance and in so doing creating false hopes. Having worked in Silicon Valley, as an aviator and physician what I sense here is a 'fake-it-til-you-make-it' drive, which is a growing norm and aspirational role model - a few succeed until the fakery is exposed (Theranos, Fyre), most don't.

I think Jason believes by saying (as often as possible), he creates reality. Is that Mad - possibly. Sad - most certainly. Bad - that is in the behest of authorities. However, I believe the PPRuNe community has a Duty to Warn - oddly the name taken by those of the APA suggesting Trump is unfit to lead.

As for Oleg E...I might break the rule.

Regarding that Oleg guy... He seems to be Jason's biggest cheerleader. Scrolling through his posts, I noticed he starts with praising our young Jason, but a few replies down he seems to substitute "he" (as in Jason) for "me" or "I" (as in Oleg) in his posts.
No point in assuming anything, but this Oleg person is probably just hoping to skim off the top in case there are actually people crazy enough and willing to give money to our young and gullible Jason...
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