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Agreed. Line crossed.

Time to shut up Jason and move on to something else.

No longer funny.

Any Press/ Media reading this you should go to the start of the thread and read the lot. It's all there; the delusions of grandeur, narcissm, bullshit and downright dishonesty. Courtesy of one Mr Jason Unsworth of the non-existent Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines (no aircraft, no employees, no nothing except a string of deceit, slander and mis-appropriation of funds, scam charities, and attempted self-aggrandisement by the false and dishonest claims to be working with industry leaders, politicians and statespersons).

If he'd actually been trying to build an honest business from the ground up he might have got more sympathy and understanding. But the lot has been based on dishonesty, scam and false claims and fraudulent process.

We'll let you take the story from here.
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