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Originally Posted by gums View Post

Anybody here that did not deploy a new plane before all the logistic “tail” was in place will understand. And having three variations does not help for some aspects of each plane. So I recall my experience with the A-37 Dragonfly when sent to Vietnam for operational testing.

At Bien Hoa in 1967, we had zilch logistic support because all the planes were T-37 shells with beefed up gear, spars, hard points, new engines, etc. So little of the trainer stuff worked. First thing our clever wrenchbenders and maintenance officer did was write home and ask Mom to send a Sears catalog!!

We soon had Craftsman tool kits, various power tools that could run off of our power carts, and Radio Flyer children wagons. Wagons hooked up to bycycles and hauled tools, parts and even engines to the flight line. Still laughing.

Fast forward 12 years to Hill AFB and first F-16’s. Even tho we were at the logistics HQ for the plane, we lowly operating units did not have all the neat stuff. So deja vu one more time. Use Fm 209 and go to local Sears or maybe Ace Hardware and get a Craftsman wrench set and while there get a ladder. And still,laughing thinking about it.

Gums recalls......

it was the same when Tornado entered service, although the Luftwaffe had spent the most on spares, the UK were the rob kings of the Tornado!
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