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I'm reading this with open mouthed incredulity. It's clearly been cut and pasted from a zillion different sources, most of which are not connected. Ignoring for a second the fact he is talking about both the A310 (a lovely beast but now like rocking horse poo) and the 146 (oh dear god), he has used a fuel price of $0.35 per kg (page 54). Now there's roughly 3kg in a USG for Jet A1, so that means he is working on jet fuel at $1.05/USG, including loading charges. As of today? Just passed $2/USG. I'm advising clients to plan using at least $2.50/USG....`

Also he seems to have a premium yield of less than $150. What, for STN-BKK in J?

At this point, I got bored.

Utter gibberish, that cannot and should not be taken even remotely seriously. Take it with a pinch of salt. Scratch that, take it with the Dead Sea.

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