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Mr Mac Munich is not a regional by any stretch of the imagination - Its The federal capital with Lufthansa and Star partners operating a true global Hub !

The works on T2x meet the highest current UK building standards for PUBLIC buildings in both environmental and security standards and whatís wrong RAL7016 ?

If you have worked on developments of a similar nature you will know full well that GLASS is most expensive needs substantial amounts of curtain walling rails normally sourced from just a very few German or Swiss manufacturers whilst they fail to meet the new UK public works explosion resistance standards in the main, and massively fail the environmental production standards of relevant Green credentials. Glass production is massively energy inefficient and poluting.

And to be frank whatís the point of glass even frosted with curtain walling rails on the lower ancillary levels or indeed upper levels containing air ventilation, and fire protection systems ?

As a pier itís purely a functional structure, however there are issues with docking. Some of the air bridge alignment associated with the larger widebody jets that have been identified in early snagging.

Think Iíve said before this is not some architectural masterpiece never was going to be, and never should it be.

This concern that somehow foreign visitors care what the structures external appearance looks like is imho nonsense , however how they perceive the security customs and immigration processes will have an effect and for the most part these are controlled by other agencies.

Like it or not the VAST majority of the Manchester SLF clientele remains UK residents and with BREXIT looming the reintroduction of the Duty Free meagre allowances for many travellers (They will love the old 200 cigies, 1 litre of spirits and hereís the big one just £390 pounds of gifts with receipts) the airport and its concessions will need to get even more money from the departing passengers purses !

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